Environmental Responsibility

At 3B Media, we realize that the decisions we make today will affect tomorrow’s generations so we work very hard to not only preserve a cultural heritage, but also to preserve our environment. The basic elements of our environmental initiatives include:
• Minimize energy and resource consumption: Low power consumption is our top priority when choosing electronic equipment (servers, computers, printers, etc.) and electrical appliances (light fixtures, bulbs, heating/cooling systems, etc.).
• Minimize natural resource consumption: All packing materials that are used to produce, package, or ship products are 100% recycled and/or 100% recyclable. It may cost us more now, but we think it is an investment worth making.
• Minimize waste and landfill: All waste is recycled. Everything from boxes, cardboard, and paper, to the contents of individual waste baskets is separated and sent weekly to recycling plants. Instead of trash removal and creating more landfill, we pay to have waste recycled into new usable products.

Our commitment is to our customers, to our families, and to our future so we use all possible means to reduce our carbon footprint. Together we can make a difference.