Company Divisions

3B Marketing
Identify the proper target audience and learn how to best serve their needs and desires. Our proprietary data system of adaptive targeting and group-on-demand results in an actionable strategic marketing plan, a finely tuned target audience, and a significant return on investment.

Clients include marketing firms, entertainment and production companies, and legal firms seeking subject matter expertise.

A global brand since 1999, MAQAM® is the world’s largest producer and distributor of Arabic and Middle Eastern media.

Music Production and Publishing: With an eye on the future and a foundation deeply rooted in cultural heritage, our music ranges from classical (e.g. Munir Bashir, Asim Al Chalabi), to modern fusion (e.g. Adam Basma, Gamal Gomaa).

Dance and Theater Production: MAQAM® is the worldwide presenter of A DREAM OF ARABIA™ - The first full theatrical production of Middle Eastern dance and music. The show that has captured audiences around the world and its star Nanae, an exclusive MAQAM® artist, is on tour worldwide beginning in the 2011/12 season.

Concerts & Live Events: World-class artists, the finest of musicians, and the best in production values bring the art and culture of the Middle East to audiences around the world.

Online Media Distribution: Our web sites reach millions of users in over 150 countries every month. From online consumer retail, to artist web sites, to user communities, MAQAM® is your Caravan to Culture™.


Radio MAQAM® on Public Radio: The first ever Arabic hour on public radio, Radio MAQAM® premiered in 2010. The music and culture show, exclusively dedicated to Arabic, Middle Eastern, and North African genres, is nationally syndicated on public radio and is broadcast on the air and online worldwide.

Radio MAQAM® Online and on Mobile Devices: The first ever Arabic streaming service with more than 10,000 songs and programs, is available 24/7 online and on mobile devices anywhere in the world.

Radio MAQAM® on Current Affairs: Our commitment to preserve and advance Arabic culture around the world has now expanded to covering the Revolutions of Democracy and Freedom sweeping the Arab World and North Africa. By mobilizing our fans around the world and under our freedom@maqam banner, we are bringing the voices of the revolution in their own words, photos, videos, and stories, to the world. Freedom will not be silenced.

Sample Web Sites:

Radio MAQAM®
A Dream Of Arabia™
MAQAM® Tokyo